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Ensure that


Times are tough. To achieve the best results, everyone on your team has to be working together.

Your team can’t read your mind.
Make sure that all employees know what your plan is and how they fit into it. What do you want to accomplish and how? Talk about your vision and write about it using language that people can understand and relate to, both intellectually and emotionally.

Actions speak louder than words
One of the most important elements in selling your vision is setting an example. If you say what you want, but don’t put it into action, people won’t believe you.

Important, challenging and bold
Thriving, instead of surviving, only comes when you’re working for something.

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Most managers think they know what's important to their employees, but they don't.

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“My vision is not what’s important to you. The only
vision that motivates you is
your vision.”
~ Bill O'Brien

The tangible and sustained increase in effort and enthusiasm that come when people feel they are part of something that's important, challenging, and bold - something special - far exceeds the results you get if your organization pulls together only when it is threatened.

Beyond mere compliance . . . commitment
Most employees will give you compliance. They want to know what’s expected of them and they’ll do what’s expected. But for sustained performance you need to go beyond mere compliance to committed employees who ask, “What has to change, and what can I do to make that happen?” To get to this point, you need a “shared vision.”

Create a shared vision
To commit to your success, employees must be able to commit to their own success. Creating a shared vision is really all about understanding that people do things for their own reasons. Make sure your employees have reasons of their own to help you achieve your goals.
People will enlist in your vision one at a time. The enthusiasm will spread. More creates more. The payoff comes when the business is wildly successful – for them and for you.

The four basics
Communication creates clarity. Relevance builds interest. Consistency generates action. Involvement encourages commitment.

Stay strategic
It’s a process not an event. Make sure you have ways to get input from your staff all year long. Your employees are the ones on the front line. They know what works and doesn’t work. They know what customers want and don’t want.

When you manage your business from a strategic perspective, you and your entire staff are solving day-to-day problems with an eye on “what” and “why,” not just how.

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